Eye of Horus Expands at New Location

The Eye of  Horus Metaphysical Store completed the move to its new location at 3012 Lyndale Ave South,  Minneapolis on Sunday.  They celebrated with a combination Grand Opening/ Seventh Anniversary/ and Psychic Sunday extravaganza!  Morris Dancers stopped by to offer their blessings with a performance in front of the store.  Many people commented on how nice the space was, being larger, more accessible, and tastefully decorated.

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Photos: JTouchette
Thraicie Hawkner, founder of the store said,  “Wow! So many people! We couldn’t have done this in the old shop. They wouldn’t have all fit!”

A lot of work went into getting the new space ready.  Many volunteers worked to paint the new place, install the new floor, move the inventory and displays, and set it all up.  The store only closed for one day during the move, remaining open while things were being packed up in one space and set up in another.   The move was both impressive and crazily ambitious.

In the new location the artwork is now included around the store, and  includes a separate classroom space and two service rooms for readers or healers.  It  is right between Smitten Kitten and ZRS Fossils,  shops with similar appeal, for a combined draw for great local shopping.  They have installed a new security system with cameras which aids the staff monitor the larger space.

The merchandise actually looked better displayed in the new space,  and it is handicapped accessible, and will definitely allow the Eye of Horus to better serve the local community. Stop by and welcome them to their new home!

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