Haste Sans Waste – Reused Eco-Convertible Fashion

An innovative show for Minnesota Fashion Week, “Haste Sans Waste” was all about convertible clothing. Clothes that transform to fit multiple situations without the major wardrobe changes. Not only do these clothes look good they drastically reduce the solid waste usually used in the world of high fashion. This event took place at the Honey Lounge on Sunday, September 19th at. 7:30pm.

Angel's model enters runway

Angel's model enters runway

Model makes changes

Model transforms

Angel's transformed design

Angel's transformed design

               Angel, of Angelic Creations, has been doing Fashion shows for three years, and has been designing clothes for twenty-two years. He started doing chain mail, and Renaissance Festival type armor. His pieces entered the runway with a more mainstream fashion appearance for nightlife, and then transformed into his signature pieces using recycled inner tubes.

After, Materials-Inner Tubes!


Angel explained, “So much that people throw away can be used to make something gorgeous!” The inside of the tube is used for the exterior of the outfit, for a striking appearance. “I primarily sell these online and through word of mouth. We started the Digital Heathen Syndicate Collective to start supporting and promoting each other, and have a sense of location for all the different types of artisan designers that work in all media, but outside the mainstream of ‘prim and proper’.”

Netta Johnson Designs

Designer Netta Johnson offered designs made from used clothing and fabrics gleaned from thrift stores and yard sales. Her designs included coats and jackets that reversed, scarves, cowls, and ponchos that turned into skirts, and a backpack that became a coat.

Garment with short skirt

Velvet's Garment Transformed

Velvet Caponi fashion designer, and Pagan, drew material from fabric accumulated over time, “In these pieces, most of the fabric I’ve had for up to ten years. most of it has been saved from other projects. I think i spent about eight dollars on new materials for these outfits. All used materials I’ve put together.”

Allison Danzl showed  colorful garments of reused materials that transformed and reversed.


Allison Danzl Model Transforming

New Garment

I talked to the show organizers, RP Zekhai and Gordon Grisham of VENEM Entertainment. RP described the show’s origins, “We did a search for designers, starting in May. The criterion was that they make garments that are ecologically sustainable in and of themselves, but also turned into another outfit, convertible clothing. This is one of the first runway fashion shows of Minnesota Fashion Week. VENEM started in November of 2009, and this was one of the things we desired from the start. I wanted us to do an event that was a part of Minnesota Fashion Week. I really liked the message they have of helping out local designers that are working to get their feet on the ground.  I wanted VENEM entertainment to be part of that. We seek out innovative and new ideas.” Gordon added, “We try to find new, undiscovered talent and help bring them forward and create a new entertainment venue. ”

Velvet and Models after the show