PNC Expands

PNC-Minnesota: First, I would like to announce a new addition to the PNC-Minnesota, Diana Rajchel.  Diana has a background in Hard News and Editorial and is writing a book about divorce and Neopaganism.  Look for her contributions to the PNC to appear shortly.

If you are interesting in joining the PNC-Minnesota, please contact us!

PNC launches new bureaus: PNC National is proud to announce two newly-launched PNC bureaus, PNC-Iowa and PNC-Florida.

In addition, PNC-Atlanta has recently re-organized and is expanding to cover all of Georgia. Iowa, Florida, and Georgia join already established bureaus in Maine, Washington DC, and Minnesota, forming the backbone of a new kind of Pagan news organization.   If you’d like to help promote the PNC in your neck of the woods, download our easy-to-print informational brochure to hand out at the next gathering or event you attend.

Already our bureaus and journalists have done some excellent reporting and ground-work that will change the way our communities approach and consume news. The Washington DC bureau will be at the 25th anniversary ceremony for the Lady Liberty League, PNC-Minnesota has done amazing work covering Paganistan, independent PNC-affiliated reporters are covering events, and the PNC along with its media partners at Proud Pagan Podcasters and are beginning the work of establishing regular coverage at major Pagan events. – The Wild Hunt

PNC National is developing their web site for a Fall release. Those who’ve been following our progress will be able to see how the bureau system, our blogs, and other projects integrate to create a news and information hub that not only benefits readers, but creates more content options for Pagan media outlets. Our organization will be having an official “coming out” at the 2011 Pantheacon in San Jose in February. There will be a meet-and-greet and several PNC members, including two from the PNC-Minnesota, plan to be in attendance. We hope to see some of you there!

Written in association with The Wild Hunt