Dates, Theme Picked for Next Year’s SHF

During Sacred Harvest Festival there is a tradition of asking a question of the day at the daily morning meeting, which all attendees are encouraged to attend. Festival goers then have all day to think of a response, write it down, and hand it in. The next day a response is picked at random to be read during the morning meeting and the winner receives a prize. Questions this year ranged from “What is your favorite Sacred Harvest Festival memory” to “What are your constructive criticisms of the festival?”

The question on the second to last day of the festival was, “What should next year’s festival theme be?” Unlike previous questions of the day the winning answer wasn’t chosen at random. Instead, the Harmony Tribe Council looked through all the suggestions and voted on the selection that would become the theme for next year.  The selection was announced at the last morning meeting.

Dreaming the Fae is the theme for the 2011 Sacred Harvest Festival, which will be held August 6-14.

Other information given out at the final morning meeting was this year’s total attendance at 299 attendees, 45 of them were children age 16 and under.