PNC Minnesota Back from Sacred Harvest Festival

We’ve packed up our tents, said our goodbyes, and are pouring through our notes. We have many interesting stories and interviews to bring to you, many special moments to share. So many that we realized we can’t swamp you with them all at once.

PNC Editor Nels Linde receives Hekate's blessing during a ritual at the Sacred Harvest Festival

Over the next few weeks, as part of a special series, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to audio interviews with one of the founders of the Sacred Harvest Festival, a young man who arrived at the festival as a practicing Lutheran and left as a newly awakened Pagan, and musical guests such as Murphy’s Midnight Rounders – just to name a few. You’ll read about (and see) a broom that was created on Friday the 13th at the festival by an artisan for a newly formed coven, the experiences of a man who started attending the festival when he was a young teen and how it has impacted his life, and the honoring of a respected community elder by over 100 people in his teaching lineage. This is just a small sample of what was experienced.

We would not be able to bring you these stories without the exceptional cooperation we received from the Harmony Tribe Board and we can’t thank them enough. From the first contact we had with them, inquiring if they would allow coverage of the festival, they have been willing to do anything to assist us. Our thanks also go out to all the festival attendees for embracing the idea of Pagan news and volunteering to not only be interviewed, but allowing us to photograph them. Once we made the announcement that the PNC was there and would be covering the festival we expected attendees to have questions or to be hesitant. Instead, we were thanked over and over for the service we were providing for the community and they expressed joy and excitement that something like this was finally possible.

Before we can write these stories and post the interviews all three of us need to shower and then sleep on clean sheets for many hours. Bonnie Hanna-Powers of  Murphy’s Midnight Rounders summed up the festival experience best when she said that you go home “body exhausted, spirit revived.”

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