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  • Cara Schulz

    Cara Schulz is the Co-Editor of PNC-Minnesota and the Managing Editor for PNC National.  She has a degree in Mass Communication and produced the 6PM News for an ABC affiliate as well as being a military broadcaster for the European Broadcasting Squadron.

    Cara is the Treasurer for Hellenion, a 501c3 devoted to reviving the indigenous religion of Greece, and is the Chair of the Executive Committee for International Pagan Coming Out Day. She lives in Apple Valley with her husband and has no tattoos.

    2 Responses

    1. […] record. I would be happy to see a third party elected, such as Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. (Do you recognize anyone in that link’s pic? You go girl!) I would be cool with Obama winning, too, even if I do […]

    2. […] having a grand time.  My campmates and I made good food.  I got treated like a queen visiting Cara’s camp at happy hour. (Her book is Martinis and Marshmallows: A Guide to Luxury Tent Camping.)   […]

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