Alt for Norge – Episode 4

Alt for Norge (All for Norway) is a reality program that pits 10 Americans of Norwegian heritage against one another for a prize of $50,000 and a chance to meet their Norwegian relatives.  The episodes have been airing at Merlin’s Rest Pub on Lake street.  Twin Cities performer and Völva, Kari Tauring, was a contestant on this show.

There is one word that describes this episode – disturbing.

Kari Tauring, in Alt for Norge

This is not a spoiler, it’s well known that this was the last episode that Kari Tauring was a part of.  So I was prepared to feel a bit sad.  I’ve enjoyed watching the program and having Kari tell us the inside scoop on how real the show was and what the contestants were like as people so I was looking forward to another pleasant evening at Merlin’s rest.  What I was unprepared for was the disgust I would feel throughout this episode.

I felt bad for Kari, not because she got the boot, but because of what she experienced in this episode and yet still had to keep smiling.

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