Sacred Path Center Update – Governance/Financial Reports and History

The Twin Cities Pagan community center,  Sacred Paths Center, updated its website with a historical narrative and links to governance and preliminary internal audit documents. As part of the SPC’s commitment to ‘transparency‘, the narrative is a frank statement describing events that have led to the present state of affairs within the SPC. 

Sacred Paths Center (SPC), the Pagan community center in Paganistan whose recent financial troubles, successful fundraising effort ‘indefinite’ closing for audit, and subsequent reopening made national news, is in the news again.  Yesterday, they released the findings from their governance audit and  noted a failure to meet duties required of Minnesota non-profit corporations, by board members.  The report went on to include suggestions to resolve the problems listed through a clear declaration of duties and Board education.

SPC also posted a historical narrative describing the confusion of the interpretation of the roles of Executive Director and Governing Board.  It states:  Continue reading