Letter to the Editor – Wisconsin Protests

About the protest in Madison: The network news stations are not telling the whole story. I get my info from WI public television and radio where they let both sides argue it out, and from the University Deans, Chancellors, Presidents and from independent sources. Also from some of my local politicians. I, nor has anybody else that questions the bill has been able to talk to my state senator even though appointments were made ahead of time. A few representatives have talked on radio programs.

This is mainly about Governor Walker wanting to get rid of collective bargaining (CB), forever. There is no end date to these changes. He claims that this is crucial to balance WI’s budget. Yet the WI Employees (WE) have already said they would pay more into their pension fund and more for their health insurance. WE already pay into those programs. WE have given Walker all the money he is asking for the Budget Repair Bill (BRB) and for the fiscal budget that starts in July. But he still insist on breaking the unions so he can do whatever he wants to do; more pay cuts, cut benefits, work more hours without compensation, make WE pay more-for whatever he wants.

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