More Local Reaction to Target Campaign Contribution

In continuing coverage of the Target Corporation campaign contribution story, the PNC interviewed local Pagans for their reaction.  Robin Grimm lives in Minneapolis and is a prominent member of the Pagan community.  Paul Anders is a Solitary living in the Rochester area.

To read our previous article about the cause and background of the issue, plus an interview with a Minneapolis GLBT Pagan who works for Target, please go here.

Late last week, Laura Hedlund (right) and Sue Skog, both of Eagan, Minn., protested in front of a Target store. Photo credit - Craig Lassig

Question:  In general, what do you think about corporations and unions spending funds on political issues?

Robin: Generally I am opposed to anything other than individual human beings being able to contribute to political campaigns or political issue campaigning. Corporations, unions, etc. are all made up of individuals that have the right to have their voices heard. Non-biological entities have no business in politics.

Paul: I don’t like how much money is in politics.  It makes it hard for individuals to be heard.  I guess all that money is just how it is, though.  I believe in freedom of speech and I guess if a guy believes in that he can’t just say that only some people get it.  Groups should be able to express an opinion on most anything and if you want to express a political opinion you need to use cash to do it.

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Target Corp Comes Under Fire for Campaign Contributions

Gay rights supporters call for boycott of Target amid allegations the corporation supports homophobic hate speech.

An Eden Prairie woman vents her anger at Target over their political contributions

The first controversy in Minnesota over the Supreme Court ruling allowing Corporations to donate money to political candidates is under way. Target Corporation’s contributions are linked by some gay rights activists to an anti-gay marriage Gubernatorial candidate who is associated with a Christian rock band that lauds the execution of homosexuals in Muslim countries. Target, headquartered in Bloomington,  says its donations to political candidates are based on economic considerations and points to its history of supporting GLBT causes. A Minneapolis GLBT Pagan says that Target is being wrongly portrayed as hostile towards diversity issues.

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