Gallery in search of taboo art

Art often expresses, and breaks, societal norms.  At it’s best, it causes us to think about the world we live in and stirs up an emotional reaction.  Artists weave pieces of their soul into their creations and then hope it connects with someone strongly enough that they pay to take it home.  It’s not a profession known as a safe way to make a living.

Sage Magee, photo credit: facebook

Sage Magee, a senior at Avalon Charter High School, is hosting an art gallery to examine both of those issues – breaking societal norms and building bonds between starving artists and art lovers with pocketbooks.

The Taboo Art Gallery is looking for art that breaks taboos in any culture.  Art will be displayed at Sacred Paths Center during a weekend run in April.  Magee says the exhibit is accepting art submissions from any US resident and there is no age barrier.  Painting, drawing, printmaking, fiber, and mixed media or photography are the preferred disciplines.  Magee says pieces are picked for display based on relevance to the theme and difficulty in display.

Magee’s exhibit is part of her larger senior project “In Search of a Well-fed Artist” which she says is helping her explore a career in art management,  “I’ve been using my senior project as a way to test the waters in a career in arts management. It’s my practice run you could say.”  While she’s learning about gallery management first hand, she hopes that attendees learn about different taboos from cultures around the globe.

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