2013 Winter Solstice Drum Jam

This winter’s Solstice Celebration with the Minneapolis Sacred Fire Dance Tribe was highly energetic and a welcoming event to the lengthening of the days. Organized by WildFlower and Steve Poreda, the evening was full of invocation, drumming, dancing and magick. The family friendly event, with a potluck and donations to the East Side Neighborhood Services, was held at BE Coterie in the happenin’ NE Minneapolis.

photo: Steve Peterson

photo: Steve Peterson

The evening began with WildFlower leading an opening ceremony that included a meditation to connect with our  inner light and assist in manifesting our hearts desires throughout the coming year. We were transported to magical realms while experiencing the pulsating beats of the Tribal Drums and witnessing the creativity of the Minneapolis Sacred Fire Dancing Tribe.

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Winter Solstice has been celebrated across the world since ancient times. People from across the globe gather to celebrate at a variety of ancient sites including Stonehenge in England, the Great Pyramids in Egypt, Chichen Itza (an ancient Mayan site) and many other locations around the world.  The Minneapolis event energetically connected with all of the participating Drum Circles across the globe that were drumming in the Solstice at 12 Midnight Central Standard Time.

See you there next year!

Steve Peterson

The Best Gift is Hope

This is dedicated to one of my best friends, Debbie. I love you.

These ornaments are getting old and the bow is a bit wrinkled but I can’t help feeling joy when I look at them.

There’s a bit of a story to these, so I hope you will indulge me. About 16 years ago, my husband left me, so it was just me and my son together. He also racked up a considerable debt before leaving the state, and I was left to pay it off. It was near Christmas and I had no money. When I say “no money” I mean I had NO MONEY – I was eating rice and would get a bag of veggies each week that the grocery store was going to throw out. I would buy 1 package of hotdogs a week so my 3 year old son had meat. We had no phone. No tv. No car. The electric company was threatening to shut our heat off.

And I was losing sleep over holiday gifts.   All that to deal with and I was worried about gifts.  Can you believe that?  Yes, I bet you can.

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