Sacred Spaces: Celtic Temple, Part 1

Many Pagan groups share the dream of building some type of sacred space.  A temple, a community center, a permanent altar.  It remains a dream because they lack the information, skills, and experience to bring it into reality.  Yet other groups have accomplished what can seem, at times, impossible.  They have learned how to raise funds, deal with city inspectors, and overcome challenges that have stymied the rest of us.  We can learn from them and they are eager to share their successes and mistakes so that more Pagans can have their very own Sacred Space.

In part one of this series, PNC-Minnesota looks at a Celtic temple in Northeast Minneapolis.  Temple priest, Drew Jacob, explains why the group wanted to build a temple, how they were able to work within city building codes, and why doing things by the book is a step forward for the Pagan community.

All this week Sacred Spaces continues with more from Drew Jacob of Temple of the River.  For Part 2 of the series, please click here. Next week, we talk to Sacred Paths Center about how to create a sustainable Pagan community center.