Beloved High Priestess Passes – Mary Kay Lundmark

Mary Kay Lundmark

Mary Kay Lundmark

Mary Kay Lundmark passed over at age 52 on Thursday, February 19, 2015 in her home holding husband Patt’s hand, after a hard fought battle with cancer.


She was born November 26, 1962 the daughter of Claude and Janet (Thompson) Lundmark. She was a graduate of Virginia High School and St. Olaf College in Northfield. Mary Kay married Patrick Germer in St. Louis Park, MN in 1994. She grew up in Virginia and lived in Minneapolis prior to returning to Virginia in 2005.

Services will be held 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., Thursday, February 26, 2015 in Virginia, MN


Husband, Patt has requested contributions to help cover extensive medical costs Mary Kay incurred be sent to via Paypal. The need is dire.

With Husband Patt at Jay Cooke State Park

With Husband Patt at Jay Cooke State Park

Mary Kay Lundmark was a passionate reader and loved to go travelling and camping.She belonged to “The Honorable Order of American Co-Masonry”, and the “Sons of Norway”Haarfager Lodge #40.

Described as a most loyal and caring friend and priestess,  Mary Kay chose to avoid the lime light.  She took a major supportive role in many peoples craft and online spiritual paths, and was known to many who never met her in person.

Mary Kay Lundmark was raised in Virginia, Mn- up on the Iron Range- by a nice Scandinavian- Lutheran family. She was always a deeply religious person- and was very involved with Christian groups, Bible study, missionary trips, etc. up through her college years and into her mid- twenties.

At some point, she got deeply interested in Christian mysticism, which lead to study of ecstatic states, and eventually to the Craft. She was deeply intellectually curious about all things shamanic, traditional craft, historical craft, etc. Her first teachers were Gardnerian, and thus she stayed with the Gardnerian tradition for the rest of her life.

Mary Kay with Helga

Mary Kay with Helga

Mary Kay always had side studies in pre-monotheistic practices of many cultures: from Ancient Greek, to Old Welsh Folk Magic, to Ancient Peruvian and more. She had an astoundingly large personal library of books including all things psychic, shamanic, historical, tantric, Goddess and God related. Mary Kay had the largest collection of traditional Gardnerian and other British Traditional Craft Books of Shadows that I know of.

Mary Kay was also an extrovert who LOVED talking Craft to anyone and everyone she could meet. She ran several e-mail lists for different witch groups, and was active on most of the rest. Thus, the entire trad-craft community in the upper-Midwest came to rely on her as THE PERSON to contact with questions about Oath-bound materials, making connections with other witches in America or around the world, or clarifying a question about how certain practices are done, or who to ask next.

Mary Kay loved ritual more than just about anything else in this world. It was fun to circle with her- because she brought such joy and passion to the worship of our Gods. I have never met a person more fiercely in love with Craft than her. I feel her loss very deeply. I think she had a lot of very important things yet to contribute– and now those beautiful ideas and deep knowledge have gone with her.

Helga Hedgewalker –  Mary Kay and Patrick’s second female initiate, but still only one of many, many people proudly “down-line” from them in the lineage. Continue reading

Isaac Bonewits (Oct. 1, 1949 – Aug. 12, 2010)

Isaac Bonewits, noted Pagan author and instrumental voice in the Druidic spiritual movement has passed, August 12th, 2010. You likely heard over the weekend. What we can add is some insight into his Minnesota connections and influence.

Isaac Photo From

Magenta, well-known TC Elder, knew Isaac well in the early 70’s and was for a time part of his household.  From her recent LiveJournal Entry: “He was a hell of a lot of fun, gave great parties, was a very joyous, humorous, and sensual man. I was part of his household, off and on, from June 1974 until he left town in the fall of 1976.

Isaac moved to St Paul, MN in the spring of 1974 to take a position as editor of Gnostica Magazine. He held that position for a couple of years, publishing fascinating material and adding humor, a rare thing in those days. Because of Isaac’s involvement with Llewellyn, his friend Robert Anton Wilson was a guest speaker at the Gnostica Festival in 1974.

While Isaac was in the Twin Cities, he started a Reformed Druids of North America grove, which met weekly during the summer half of the year, from Beltaine to Samhain, at the park at the base of the Witch’s Hat Tower. This may have been the first Pagan organization here that was not connected to Witchcraft or ceremonial Magick.
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