Editorial: Tilting at Wikimills

I’ve been engaging in something that may be an exercise in futility, working to improve (read: keep from being deleted) an article on Paganistan on Wikipedia. The article has been tagged for deletion for not being note worthy enough.  Not enough sources they consider ‘reliable’ have written about Paganistan, which is short hand for saying the mainstream press hasn’t written much about us and the other sources listed aren’t reliable for one reason or another.   From the discussion on the Article For Deletion page, it’s looking like this article, as the one on Sacred Paths Center which was already deleted, is on the fast track to non-existence.

So why have I been tilting at this particular windmill?  Because too many articles on Paganism are being deleted on Wikipedia.  Because this action on Wikipedia highlights the difficulties Pagans face gaining acceptance and inclusion in mainstream society and how the rules are discriminatory in practice, if not in intention.  Because Wikipedia matters and is used as an initial stop for information gathering for the Average Joe and for media, like it or not.  Most of all, because Pagans and Paganism are noteworthy.

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