Podcaster Releases First Coloring Book For Pagan Kids

by Tasha-Rose Mirick

Many of our readers often tune in to Lamyka Lampry’s “Wiccan Podcast” or even her “Pagan Women’s Podcast.” To the delight of Pagan parents such as me, she also has her podcast “Pagan Bedtime Stories.” Recently Lamyka released a coloring book based on the stories shared on her show. I got the chance to turn the tables on this usual interviewer and ask her a few questions about her coloring book “Pagan Bed Time Stories: How Maui Slowed the Sun” and a fundraiser started to support her work.

TRM: What inspired you to make a Pagan coloring book?

LL: I was inspired to make a Pagan Bed Time Stories coloring book because I saw a severe lack of children’s materials in the Pagan community. When I was growing up I had Hawaiian coloring books that taught me the names of native plants & animals–you know, color in the Hawaiian Monk Seal or the Iwa Bird (frigate bird). I grew up with amazingly beautiful story books about our gods and heroes, the stories of our people. When I got a little older, maybe first or second grade, I had books telling the tales of other peoples. I grew up with stories from all over the world: Greek, Chinese, Japanese, African, and so many more. I wanted to bring and share my childhood with other Pagan children, who like I did, are growing up Pagan. I also wanted to help be a small part of creating the heritage that one day future Pagans will look back on.


TRM: Have you long been an artist?

LL: I wouldn’t really call myself an artist. I have the gift of words and storytelling but I’m not an illustrator, though I am pretty amazing at glass working. However, I think that’s in line with my storytelling, in a way, like Emerald Rose’s ‘Fire in the Head’ song–both require fire to slowly mold and reveal.

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