MAY DAY! The Belated Heart of the Beast Parade

The Heart of The Beast May Day Parade took place last Sunday. It had been delayed from last weeks traditional date because of flooding in Powderhorn Park. Many wondered if attendance would be down because of the date change. Fantastic weather and a dedicated audience brought out the masses! Each year the costumes, puppets, floats, and performers get more creative. This years parade was worth the wait!  If you missed it, enjoy the slide show.

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Heart Of The Beast, May Day Parade!

If you have never heard of the parade, first read about it. If you missed one of their donation buckets, you can also donate ! I asked some of the Free Speech Sections participants what group they were with, and why they were here?

Photos: M Bardon

Eric Angell – Our World in Depth, ” I’m here to be festive with friends and neighbors in Minneapolis.”

Erick Boustead – Line Break Media, ” I’m ‘shooting the parade,’ and to soak in the awesome mix of the art and theater. ”

Gary Lingen –  Upper Midwest Pagan Alliance, ” Over the 29 years I have lived here, I have only missed one May Day! I missed last year because of surgery, but I always come here in any type of weather to be part of the celebration today.

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