Magus Books and Herbs – 19 years of Service – Interview

Magus books is celebrating 19 years serving the Twin Cities this month. Join them tomorrow, Saturday Sept 17th from 10am-5pm for Customer Appreciation Day at Magus Books & Herbs.  FREE BBQ’d Vittles catered by Standing Stones Coven , Tea Sampling, Door Prizes, Grab Bags, Tarot, Aura Photos & other fantastic specials. Talks & Discussion will be happening through-out the day.

I talked to Roger Williamson about the history of the store. Provoking Thoughts and Expanding Horizons since 1992! is your website tag line, what does that mean to you?

 We feel that in society a lot of people aren’t encouraged to go out and pursue their dreams. They may not be aware of all the opportunities open to them. I would like to think Magus helps promote that idea, magical philosophy, that you can be anything you want to be. We try to appeal to open-minded people, who feel all belief systems are valid. We should respect all points of view, even if they happen to be contrary to our own.

Magus Books Storefront - Google Earth Streetview

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