Polytheist priest sets out on ‘Heroic Path’

Known in the Twin Cities area as the founder and priest of the recently closed Celtic temple, author of the book Walk Like a God, and blogger for Patheos.com, an tSruith Drew Jacob is now ready to begin the next chapter of his life.  It’s a crazy idea, which an tSruith Jacob readily admits, to walk from Minnesota to Brazil.  Yet that’s precisely the path that Jacob set his feet on.   Last night I attended his 30th birthday/Rogue Priest deployment party and at 9 pm he used a slick move straight from Lord of the Rings to leave the party and start his trip unseen.

PNC-MN Editor Cara Schulz, tSruith Drew Jacob, and PNC Contributor Diana Rajchel

The trip has been a dream of Jacob’s for several years and he’s been planning in earnest for the last six months to make this dream a reality.  He sees the trip, one that will give him time to get to know an area and its people and test himself, as a spiritual calling.  “I decided to live the Heroic Life after many years of telling the myths of the ancient heroes. One day I realized that although their stories are fun to read or hear, they would be more fun to live. So I’ve begun to change my entire life to be able to travel and do great things.  To live the Heroic Life means taking action, living for high ideals, charging fearlessly into new and grand plans, building a name around your art or skill, and using your life to change the way the world works.”

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