Heathens Gather at June 10-12th event near Twin Cities

The Mjolnir, Heathen Symbol

I had the opportunity to interview Brody Derks of the Thule of  Volkshof  Kindred, about Heathenry and their upcoming event in June, the Northern Folk Gathering , at this years Paganicon.

Tell me about your University of Minnesota experience?

I was the president of the University of Minnesota Pagan Society, we networked with other groups around the Twin Cities. That was a wonderful experience to see all the Pagans in the surrounding area, and their diversity.  I have always been a Heathen.  I joined the Volkshof Kindred a few years ago.  Now I am a representative.  We are one of the strongest Heathen groups in the Twin Cities, and in Minnesota. We have built up our name, but there are other Kindred groups that we respect in Minnesota.

How did you know you were a Heathen?

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