Pagan and Poly – Beyond a Marriage – An Interview Series


Jimmy and Michelle have known they were poly since their marriage, they have been in a blended family with a child together, and each having a child from a past relationship. Until recently, they have lived with their poly partners together as a family of seven. They have just decided to get a divorce.

How long have you known you are poly?

Michelle (M) : We started talking about it seven years ago when we got married, but we didn’t go into it right away. We decided to open up our marriage around October of 2006, five and a half years ago, when Jimmy was deployed to Iraq.

Jimmy (J) : From the beginning we thought of ourselves as poly. We went to one “swingers party” and looked at each other and said, “This is not for us.”

M :     The reason we did open up our marriage, when Jimmy went to Baghdad, was we believed that we could love other people, and still love each other. Neither one of us believed that love needed to be limited, right off, from the beginning. I wanted Jimmy to have any comfort and solace in Baghdad any way he could get it. If there was someone he found over there,  I told him to please take it. He told me he wanted me to have the same thing, solace and comfort, while he was gone. We knew that being with other people didn’t change how we felt about each other. Love is infinite and not limited by how many people you love.

We have had poly partners in the past  who have been single, had kids, and also who had other relationships. At one time we were in an extended long distance relationship where they also saw each other,  so essentially a quad.

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Twin City Pagans needed for Documentary and Survey

Author Diana Rajchel is asking Pagans who have experienced a divorce, and it has been one year or more since the dissolution, to participate in a survey.  She has already had 115 Pagans respond to the survey, but would like to have at least 230 respondents to capture the spectrum of Pagan diversity.  Diana said she is just starting to see threads of common experience. The survey results will be released as part of a book she is writing on Divorce and Neo-Paganism.  Diana requests that you pass along the link  to the survey – –  on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Along with the book, she is directing a documentary on the same subject.  She would like to interview on camera Pagans in the Twin Cities area about the spiritual aspects of their divorce experiences.   If you would be interested in talking to Diana about this project, please email her at

For further information about the book, the survey, and background on Diana, please see this Witchvox article – Divorce, An Initiatory Path.