Celia, on the Road at Sacred Harvest Festival – Interview

Celia Farran, singer, songwriter, actress, and storyteller who dishes up the most delicious concoction of the silly and the sacred, performed  at Sacred Harvest Festival on Tuesday, August ninth . I got a chance to talk to her the next day.

What have you been up to since you last appeared at Sacred Harvest Festival?

I have been working really hard, really hard. I have been consistently putting out Cd’s

Do you have your own studio?

I have my own studio now. The first CD I did on my own equipment wasAlabaster in Blue‘, which the song ‘Symbol is on. I’ve done everything else myself since. I do the recording and then have someone else mix and master it. My most recent CD, ‘Carry Me Home‘ , I did all the recording, engineering, and the mixing, and the mastering. The learning curve is steep, a whole other hat to wear. Continue reading

Celia in Concert Saturday

What could Twin Cities Pagans do to pass the time while their Christian friends get raptured on Saturday? They could go looting, offer to care for pets left behind, or they could listen to Celia at the Sacred Paths Center.

Celia: In Concert
Sacred Paths Center
Saturday, May 21
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Tickets – $12

Celia Farran is perhaps best known and beloved in the Pagan community for her song The Symbol, which helped galvanize the grass roots movement that forced the Veterans Administration to act justly and allow for the Pentagram to be engraved on the burial markers of veterans.

Celia Farran, photo from the video shoot for "Walking the Labyrinth"

Celia has been touring the upper Midwest while filming a video for her song The Labyrinth and stopping in the studios of Simply Folk on Wisconsin Public Radio.  To judge by facebook comments, she has been blowing away audiences with her mix of powerful lyrics and smooth vocals – especially on her remix of Everyday Goddess.  Celia also throws in a bit of improv comedy, which shouldn’t work during the same performance as the serious and many times sacred nature of her lyrics, but somehow does.  Perhaps it is for this, her ability to manifest “mirth and reverence” on stage, that cause some of her fans to call her a Goddess.