Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists – Art Show Opening

mcpa“Doorways to the Underworld”, the debut exhibition of the Minneapolis Collective of Pagan Artists (MCPA) will celebrate the shows opening reception Saturday October 25th, 2004 7:30-11pm.

Stevens Square Center for the Arts (SSCA)
1905 Third Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55404

There will be live music performance by Comets Ov Cupid  and a dance presentation by Alana Mari.

This group of artists considers this time of year to be sacred for remembering loved ones who have passed away. In this exhibit, Halloween is explored through the eyes of those who experience the season as a profound time to commune with the ancestors and the spirit world. For these artists, the work is an extension of their spirituality, allowing a glimpse into what is often an unseen tradition.

Featured MCPA artists are Ali Beyer (Artemis Namaste), Anne Marie Forrester (Helga Hedgewalker), Paul B. Rucker, Roger Williamson. The show includes guest artists Ellie Bryan, Katie Clapham, and Rmay

MCPA is a collective of artists who work in a variety of media and styles with a shared spiritual philosophy.  To them making art is a way of connecting with and paying homage to the Divine.  They use their artwork to create further dialogue about contemporary Pagan culture with those who may not be familiar with this spiritual path.

Gallery viewing hours
Saturdays and Sundays 1pm – 5pm through November 15th

Closing Reception: Saturday November 15th, 2014 7:30-11pm Live Music Performance by Crow Call

Tattoos: Skin Pictographs of a Journey – Editorial

We all have seen them, Pagans sport them as decorative badges. Tattoo, (tatu) indelible ink inserted into the dermis layer of the skin to change the pigment for decorative or other reasons.

Artist: Megan Wilson - Picture Machine SF

Artist: Megan Wilson - Picture Machine SF

I had always thought of them as simply body adornment, something added as a whim and often regretted later. A few years ago I had a talk with Pagan friend Brett and heard the story of each of his numerous tattoos. I came to realize for many Pagans, they are the story of their spiritual journey. Each ink addition for him represented a step, or event, revelation or accomplishment along his spiritual path. A constant reminder of his journey.

My Tattoo

Recently I got my first tattoo, at age 57. It was an entitlement of initiation within my tradition. As a craftsman and artist, I have imbued my spiritual inspiration into my work. When I heard of Kore, a spiritual tattooist in South Minneapolis, I knew she could offer the experience I wanted.
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