SPC Launches “Change and Grow Fundraiser”

The Sacred Path Center has raised $6275 of their $12,000 goal. They have instituted immediate plans to aid raising the remaining $5725 of their goal though a  “Change and Grow Fundraiser”.  This list from their website  includes;

  1. The gift shop will have a “Change and Grow Sale” to eliminate slow-moving stock and reduce overall stock for targeted re-stocking. The sale will be announced July 22 and run to July 29. On July 29, we will also have food available for sale as a whoop-te-do to end the sale.
  2. We will auction on EBay a very valuable personal item CJ Stone has donated from Loui Pieper’s estate. We hope not only to get a good price for the item but to garner national attention from many different kinds of people.
  3. We will have a “raffle” to give away Paganistani home brew. The prize will be at least 12 contributions from different home brewers. We will announce this before we have all prizes and generate interest by updating the prize list and announcing the updates.
  4. Beginning Monday, July 18, we will give free coffee to anyone who makes a $1 donation. We will open at 6AM to catch the morning rush. Doesn’t sound like much, but if we sell 50 cups for 14 days, that’s $700.
  5. We are looking for matching donors for each thousand-dollar range in our goal.

The Center reports securing further matching funds for donations at the rate of .50 per $1 donated for the 7000-8000 level of their goal.

In addition a Harry Potter Pre-party Preparation Event and Bake Sale Fundraiser will take place July 23rd 10:00 am – 10:00 pm and July 24th 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. This provides a chance for you to brush up on your Harry Potter trivia before Harry Potter’s Birthday Celebration on July 30th while supporting Sacred Paths Center by buying goodies!

Please check the Sacred Path Center website for updates on this fundraiser.

*Editor’s Note: THE SPC reports this content as posted on their website July 14th. For daily reports on their efforts and fundraising, please use a free webpage monitoring service to get email notice of website updates, and breaking news.