Community Notes – Sept. 27-Oct. 3

TC Pagan Pride was exceptionally exceptional. It’s so relaxing to be among our people. This makes it the perfect time to look ahead to Paganicon! Friday, March 25 to 27, 2011. People are already registering, and developing plans for presenting workshops. All the great programing of a festival without having to camp. Paganicon is exactly what local Pagans have been saying they want, and now it’s here! Check it out and register at;


It’s only two weeks to the Pagan Highway Clean-up. Saturday, October 10 at 9:30am local Pagans will be gathering to clean two newly adopted miles of I-35. Sign up at: to get details.


If Pagans elected the next governor, who would win? Vote at


Local Pagan musician and generally wonderful guy Mark Digatono has decided to launch a write-in campaign for Congress. “Any Idiot can serve in Congress, write in my name Mark Digatono and I will prove it.” Really, how can you not love a campaign slogan like that?


If every person in the Twin Cities who receives this went to just one event per month, then the average event would have 30 people in attendance. In October, please go to at least one event.

One thought on “Community Notes – Sept. 27-Oct. 3

  1. Jude Kroutil says:

    TC Pagan Pride was good except for the clogged up toilets that made people have to go elsewhere to,, well,,go. Please people, if you see something in the toilet that shouldn’t be there: tell someone,,DON’T just flush it down. We’re supposed to have more more respect for the earth than to flush plastic and such stuff down the drains. Thank you. Jude (aka: I really got to go 🙂

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