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  • Memorial fund for Dave Grega set up

    A memorial fund for PNC’s Dave Grega, who died earlier this week at age 27, has been set up.

    David left behind a girlfriend and child he dearly loved.    We have setup a memorial fund to help them with expenses and make sure they are well taken care. – from the memorial fund page

    Dave’s girlfriend Kat DuPash had this to say about the fund:  “Whatever’s left from his mom coming down will likely go towards helping me become a lactation consultant so I can support Mallory. We really appreciate all the support. Dave was an awesome father and the best guy I’ve ever known. We love him so much…and while Mallory may not remember much, I will always miss him.”

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    1. […] Dave’s friends and family, may his spirit rest with the gods and return to us again.ADDENDUM: Here’s information about the Memorial Fund to help his family with expenses.Filed Under: Paganism, Religion Tagged With: David Grega, Pagan Centered Podcast, Passings 12 […]

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